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We offer six bedrooms located in the town square, a two minute walk from the Wightlink ferry. All bedrooms are en-suite, and a generous size. We also have a separate guests lounge. Breakfasts are catered at the Bugle Hotel (also in The Square), 8am onwards and an early continental breakfast is available in house.

Rates are from £85 double, and £50 single per night including breakfast. Wi-Fi is also available.

Yarmouth is a Historic Sea Port with great charm with many attractions and amenities. It is an ideal base to explore the beautiful West Wight.

Harvey's B&B will provide you with a comfortable nights sleep together with a generous breakfast in an ideal location.

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• One of the earliest settlements on the island, of over one thousand years. The first account of the settlement is in King Ethelred the Unready's record of the Danegeld tax of 991.

• Yarmouth was originally called Eremue (meaning "muddy estuary").

• The Normans laid out the streets on a grid system, a plan which can still be seen today.

• Yarmouth was given its first Charter as a town in 1135

• Yarmouth became a parliamentary borough in the Middle Ages, and the Yarmouth constituency was represented by two members of Parliament until 1832.

• Yarmouth Castle was built in 1547, and is now in the care of English Heritage. It is effectively a gun platform, built by Henry VIII to fortify the Solent and protect island against any attempted invasion of England.

• In St. James's Church there is a monument to the 17th-century admiral Sir Robert Holmes who was at Yarmouth. He obtained it in a raid on a French ship, when he seized an unfinished statue of Louis XIV of France and forced the sculptor to finish it with his own head rather than the king's.

In 1784 most of Yarmouth's ancient charters were lost: A ship's captain, drunk after a court dinner, stole what he thought was a case of wine, as he returned to his ship. When he discovered it was a case of books, he threw it overboard.

• Yarmouth Pier was opened in 1876. Originally 685 ft (207.5m) long, it's now 609 ft (186m) but is still the longest timber pier in England open to the public.

Tel: 01983 760738

The Square, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, UK, PO41 0NP